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There will never be “one” best electric board for all users, each user has their own distinctive style and preferences based on their needs. Do you need a penny board, a off-road board, or a regular commuter? If you have a long commute you may want to consider a electric longboard, instead of an electric skateboard. If you’re using public trains and transit, you might consider a penny board so it’s easy to carry.

A few requirements people may have for boards are:

  • Speed
  • Weight
  • Size
  • Battery power
  • Off-road capabilities
  • Price point
These different attributes are what inspired us to make this list. Do you already have a longboard or skate board that you love? You can convert into an electric longboard with a DIY conversion kit!

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Are Electric Long Boards & Electric Skateboards Easy To Ride?

Skating is a lot of fun, but it’s not easy. Once you get the hang of things though and learn how to control your speed with acceleration – voila! You’re already skating like a pro!

When you’re a beginner, balancing on your two feet can be tricky at first. You’ll want to go very slow and do it in an area without many people so that if something does go wrong, then no one will get hurt! You can practice in peace and not put anybody else at risk, or feel the pressure of people watching you! If your friends also ride skateboards or longboards then ask them help teach you – there’s no difference between an E-board versus a traditional board except, speed and acceleration!

What Are Electric Skateboards Called?

Electric skateboards have lots of slang and name variations!
  • esk8
  • E Skate
  • E Longboard / Skateboard
  • Electric Boards
  • Electric Decks
  • Electric Longboard
  • Electric Skateboard
  • Electric Long board (with a space)
  • Electric longboard with remote
  • Electric Powered Longboard
  • Motor Longboard / Skateboard
  • Powered Longboard / Skateboard
  • Motorized Longboard / Skateboard
  • Remote Control Longboard
  • Battery Longboards
  • RC Longboard
  • Electric Longboard Skateboards
  • Lectric Longboard (without E)

If you here of anyone using these terms, they are referring to electric skateboards and electric longboards!

Are Electric Skateboards Safe?

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or an expert electric longboarder, it is important to know the right safety features that come with these boards. Some of them include brakes and speed modes which can help beginners keep their balance while they learn how ride properly as well as knowing when not use those feature so your battery doesn’t die before reaching its full potential!

A lot of the responsibility for safety however, will rely on you! You should always wear protective gear, including but not limited to:

  • A helmet
  • Knee pads
  • Elbow pads
  • Leather/tough jacket
Always practice responsible riding and obey the skateboard laws in your country!

Are Electric Skateboards Expensive?

A lot of factors go into the price range, but if you’re looking at something that won’t break your bank then there are plenty out there. You can get a decent beginner board for under $200 and some high-end models with top components could set you back into the thousands! The price will largely depends on the features you require! Better features = more expensive!

How Many Different Electric Skateboard Companies Are There?

There are new companies coming into the electric skateboard and electric longboards market constantly! We are working on collecting all of their products into our catalog, but it will take lots of time, here are the companies that are on our list, or that we are working on cataloging!

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