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Kaly NYC is a super-premium electric skateboard brand that offers high-performance, speed, torque, and range. The brand is based in New York, where each and every Kaly board is handcrafted, designed, engineered, and assembled by the founder Ernesto Clark. Kaly NYC electric skateboards are undoubtedly one of the best boards for serious and experienced riders looking for a powerful and reliable ride. The Kaly NYC XL-R is one of the costliest electric skateboards out on the roads, but it is technologically way ahead of other patented boards and offers all kinds of riding styles possible. The Kaly NYC XL 2.0 is a monster of a board that features 8-inch pneumatic tires and 700 Wh of battery. It has a top speed of 38 mph and can go up to 24 miles on a single charge. The board has a 40% hill climb capacity and is water-resistant. However, Kaly NYC electric skateboards are relatively heavy and may not be easy to carry around. The Ownboard Zeus Carbon is another high-performance electric skateboard that features a carbon fiber deck and a big 19.2 Ah battery for long ranges. It has huge motors for powerful torque and high speed. The board has a top speed of 37 mph and can go up to 25 miles on a single charge. The board is relatively affordable compared to other high-performance electric skateboards.

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