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Raldey Carbon AT V2

The Raldey Carbon AT V2 electric skateboard is an all-terrain board that offers a top speed of up to 28.5mph (46km/h) with the 195mm wheel option and a range of up to 19 miles (30km) per charge. The board is equipped with dual 1500W belt-drive motors, a 30Q 12S4P 14AH battery, and a carbon fiber deck. The Raldey Carbon AT V2 electric skateboard is available with 165mm or 195mm wheels, making it suitable for different terrains. The board has received positive reviews for its power, speed, and range. The Raldey Carbon AT V2 electric skateboard is priced at $1,799, making it an expensive option. However, it is a great choice for experienced riders looking for a high-speed and long-range electric skateboard.

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