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Regular vs Electric Skateboards: Which is a Better?

Before: There are a lot of benefits to using electric skateboards over regular skateboards...
There are a lot of benefits to using electric skateboards over regular skateboards. They’re faster, easier to maneuver, and can last longer with less wear and tear. Here we’ll take a look at some of the reasons you might want to consider making the switch to electric. Regular skateboards are great for getting around town, but if you need to cover more ground or need a bit more speed, an electric skateboard is a great choice. They’re also much easier to maneuver than regular boards, which can be tricky when you’re trying to navigate tight city streets or crowded sidewalks. Electric skateboards can also last longer than regular boards – as long as you keep up with the proper maintenance, they could easily outlast your average traditional board!

Electric skateboards have motors!

Obviously! Why else would you get an electric skateboard? Electric skateboards have motors that will take you wherever you need to go! It will make it way easier to use since you don’t have to worry about pushing, and you can easily control the speed of the board. Need to brake? No need for you foot. Just throttle the board down and it will roll to a stop!

Ride an electric board Longer, And Up Hills!

Some electric skateboards are infamous for their range, speed, and hill climb abilities over their traditional counterparts! We’re serious when we talk about speed! There are boards that can go 50MPH! That is scary fast, and we certainly recommend protection.

Electric Skateboards Are Versatile!

If you have a regular skateboard with normal wheels, it will be very challenging to ride it over rough terrain, curbs, etc. You have to be ready and aware of what terrain is coming up so you can adjust your foot stance and weight balance. With an electric longboard, riding over dirt, grass, and even off-roading, is way more comfortable on a electric board!

Ride Tracker Apps

Lots of electric board companies, like Onewheel, are trying to build a community of users around their product. To achieve this, they have also released apps you can use to track, share, and meetup with other riders! If you’re looking for other electric board enthusiasts, these apps are a great place to start!


So, which is the better? The regular skateboard or the electric skateboard? In our opinion, it depends on what you’re looking for. If you want a more challenging experience and don’t mind having to use some muscle power, then go with the regular skateboard. But if you want an easier ride and are short on time, then definitely go for the electric skateboard! Whichever board you choose, we hope you have fun riding it!

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